One more step!

First, you paid your $25 registration fee for the One-Mile Fun Run or the 5K Vermont Jaunt. (If you haven't dont that yet, do it first!) Now it's time to set up your personal web page so that you can fundraise and receive donations from friends and family members.

Fundraising instructions for registered runner:

​1. Complete the form below and personalize your individual Donations page.
2. Share the link with friends, family and neighbors. They can c
lick on "Donate to a Participant" and search for a participant's name.
​3. Donate to support your runner and the Montpelier Public School Parents Groups. 


Every participant will recieve a Montpelier Fall Festival T-shirt (included in the the $25 race registration fee).
If you raise another... You will receive ...
$15  10 Fall Festival tickets, to use on games and activities
$35 the above prize AND a Montpelier Fall Festival Water Bottle
$55 the above prizes AND 20 Fall Festival tickets
$75 the above prizes AND Something AWESOME! We will surprise you!


Click for a printable Fundraising Form.

Remember, if you haven't already registered for the race, please make sure to click here to register first!